We Are Hiring!


Do you have experience staffing for information technology positions across both contract and permanent and are not happy where you are right now?


Are you currently tired of working for a staffing firm with any of the following:


  • You are paid very low commission rates
  • You are experiencing dishonesty/questionable ethics
  • Your staffing firm moves at a snail’s pace due to their size
  • You are losing clients due to not enough candidates for your jobs
  • You are tired of working in restrictive beaurocracies with ridiculous policies and procedures

At IQ Hunt, we focus on one thing and one thing only – filling highly desired permanent and contract roles with our clients as quickly and as seamlessly as possible.


As a result, we allow nothing else to get in the way, and our entire team is focused towards that one goal.


There are no personal agendas, no obstacles or roadblocks, no ulterior motives, no unethical practices, no extra costs to reduce your commission – NONE of that!


When you work with us, you get many very unique benefits, including (but not limited to):


  • Work almost entirely from home or from our offices on Skymark Avenue in Mississauga (we are big proponents of mobile technology and freedom of workplace)
  • You get unlimited vacation days (if you are a top producer and want 6 weeks vacation instead of 4, be our guest – there is more to life than work and we foster an environment based on work/life balance)
  • We use some of the best technology available to run our business – we give you all the tools necessary to perform the job to the best of your ability (our systems won’t crash for 2 hours in the middle of a work day).
  • Our Account Managers are in front of our clients constantly and have built and develop long-lasting relationships.  They are not sitting around waiting for requirements to come in.  If you are a recruiter, this means you have amazing roles to work on that move quickly and you get timely feedback on your candidates. (However, if you are an Account Manager who sits around waiting for requirements, please give us a call anyway – we would be happy to refer you to a competitor:-).

Call us today at 416-800-7333 to see if you may be a fit for our company.