Permanent Staffing



The only thing that separates the top companies from the runner-ups in the information age is the quality of the staff.


And the quality of your staff depends on 2 things:


  1. How good you are at attracting top talent
  2. How good the staffing agency you are using is at finding that proverbial “needle in the haystack”


That’s where IQ Hunt comes in.


We can help you staff a growing team or just that one key hire that you need to take your team to the next level.


We have an extensive network that we reach out to when we conduct a search and our fill ratio’s are very high. ¬† Our personal network spans companies on the Fortune 500 all the way down to small 100 person software companies.


We consult with you and work very closely during the search to deliver pre-screened candidates that are a great fit. Sometimes your perfect hire comes from the first candidate we present to you. Other times, it take 2 or 3.  Very rarely does it take more than this and that is where we are different from other recruitment firms who work on permanent requirements like they were on an assembly line.


Other staffing companies will forward 10-20 resumes or more to you, most of which are unqualified and they expect you to do the work to find the best candidate.


At IQ Hunt, our belief is that you are paying us to do the work for you, so you should not have to do much other than interview the 1 or 2 candidates we deem to be a great match for your job.


In fact, in the time it takes for another agency to help you fill a role, we could fill 3, 4 or more roles for you.


This increase in speed in getting you qualified candidates is exactly what the difference is between getting the best candidates available before your competition does.


Call us today at 416-800-7333 to get us to fill your permanent openings.