Referral Program



At IQ Hunt, we believe our network is everything.  

We use every means possible to help find the best possible candidate for each of our clients, and sometimes this includes finding someone through a direct referral from our network.

In these cases, we pay referral fees of $500 for every successful referral that becomes a placement.

As an added bonus, for every 3 referrals that become a placement, we will also buy you an iPad.  

The choice is yours, refer 3 candidates, get $500 for each PLUS an iPad.  Or refer candidates to other agencies and get nothing.

If you happen to know of a great candidate for one of our jobs and you introduce us to him or her, it’s an easy way for you to help your friends and colleagues while at the same time getting compensated for it.

Check out our Jobs page here to see if you may know someone who might be a fit for one of our roles.  Then call us at 416-800-7333 to refer them to us.