About Us



IQ Hunt is a premier provider of I.T. Contract & Permanent Staff to companies in Southern Ontario.


Our team is very well known and respected and have been very successful in the industry and have experience at all levels, from start-up company to clients as large as Chartered Banks & Leading Telco’s.


We are just as effective helping you grow a 5 person IT shop to 50 as we are helping your 3,000 person IT shop maintain it’s competitive advantage.  The size of your shop does not determine how hard we work at helping you.


At IQ Hunt, we believe every client is important and we will work our hardest to ensure we fill your roles in a timely manner. We have an extensive network of personal contacts as well as our own staff of recruiters to find that proverbial “needle in a haystack”.  We aren’t dominated by “bean counters” so we won’t just throw any resumes your way to meet a quota.


We also give back to the community and are strong supporters of The Heart & Stroke Foundation and the Canadian Cancer Society.


To get a flavour of what you are in for when you work with us, please check out our testimonial page.  There you will find 47 testimonials from happy clients over the years.


Call us today at 416-800-7333  to experience how we are different.