Below you will find many testimonials from clients we have worked with.  In the testimonials, you will see the same constant themes come out:


  • our level of professionalism is unsurpassed
  • we always have the client’s best interests at heart
  • we are well aware of industry trends and freely share them
  • we have tremendous experience in the industry
  • we have a great understanding of client needs
  • we display an intense work ethic
  • we are always able to deliver

Here is just a small sampling of testimonials from clients we have worked with:


    1. “There are 3 things that I like about recruiting through you.  First, you are efficient and effective in providing me high-quality recruits that fit my needs.  You provide good candidates and I have real choice, usually within the first 3 interviews. Second, when I need additional support in defining the job or understanding the market, you are knowledgeable, patient and helpful.  Third, when other factors may affect my search, you are proactive in ensuring that I am fully informed, ensuring that my time is not wasted.  I really appreciate this.  The project manager we found through you helped us realize the most complex application deployment we’d ever attempted; six simultaneous upgrades in two locations, under severe time constraints.  As well, we were able to find a great supervisor for our Help Desk, who has improved the quality of service provided” – Vice President, Academy Award Winning Billion Dollar Company.

    2. “I have worked with you for the last 7 years and our relationship embodies a power of trust in the speed of doing business and in turn creating value for both of us.  You always do it right by the client first and foremost.  There are numerous examples I can cite where you have sacrificed your interests to satisfy our constraints.  I am always amazed by your knowledge of the industry and its’ players.  It seems there isn’t anyone that you don’t know.  You are courteous,  proactive, ethical and non invasive in your dealings.  I will highly recommend you for all staffing needs.” – Senior Manager, Major Wealth Management Firm

    3. “You are very quick in responding to the needs of your clients.  Even though you are extremely busy working with other groups in our company, you always makes time to contact me to find out about any new requirements that me or my department might have.  My schedule is usually jam packed and you have always made yourself available to me after hours for consultation.  You have coached your team to be customer focused and friendly.  You are well aware of the industry trends as well as our own company direction.  You do not hesitate sharing your knowledge with the client.  In doing so you are always very diplomatic and try not to influence the clients decision one way or another.  You have always met my expectations as a service and resource provider and I always rely on you for any urgent needs that I have.” – Manager e-Business, Major Canadian Telecommunications Company.

    4. I had the pleasure to meet you a couple of years ago (when I started work at my company) and we have been working together ever since. Over time, you have provided me with a number of highly qualified IT professionals, when I had positions to be filled within my team. Couple of things make the relationship with you very special and very productive at the same time:- I believe you are a senior recruiter with tremendous experience in the industry and with a great understanding of client needs. You have always provided me with very useful advice, in many situations, whether it was about refining the job description to formulate more effectively my needs, by using appropriate terminology or to provide advice on the market salary ranges or anything else that I happened to need, related to job recruitment. Efficient, proactive, customer focused, patient, always available. This would be a good summary of the qualities that you bring to the table. Even in situations where I ended up choosing a different candidate, I remember that we kept a very good relation and I was impressed with the follow-up questions, with your quest in finding why, what was the decisive factor and how can you better adjust the selection of candidates in the future. To me, this speaks volumes about your passion for the job and your determination to pursue perfection and truly deliver outstanding service. I highly value the advice and service that you provide me, I know many of my peers work with you and have the same esteem for you. I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs top of the line advice for recruiting services” – Sr. Manager, Infrastructure Support, Major Investment Firm.

    5. “Over the past 4 years, I have worked closely with you to fulfill numerous contract and full-time positions. The required skill set has varied quite dramatically over that time, with you successfully filling weblogic, change management, release management, and configuration management roles. As the need is normally on short notice, your team has consistently been able to respond quickly and effectively. Your approach is non-aggressive, standing by at a moments notice to help identify the proper candidate for our environment. I will continue to utilize you given your positive track record” – Manager – Configuration & Deployment Management, Major Canadian Telecommunications Company.

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