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Here are another 42 testimonials :


  1. I had the pleasure of working with you for about one year, during which time I was employed as a Resource Manager.  In this capacity, I have had the opportunity to observe you in your role as an Account Manager. The nature of the business was very complex and required attention to Global Hiring Policies for our clients, most of whom were Unionized.  As the Key Account Manager, you are an exceptional leader.  Beyond your success in effectively filling our open needs, you have been equally successful in cementing the relationship.   Examples of how you add value and impacts the client relationship are as follows.You took the time to gather as much information about the requirements by asking lots of questions.  You would then recommend the best solution for sourcing top talent.  You would collaborative your efforts with mine.  You would ensure that you would attract and generate a pool of the most qualified candidates and make me feel confident that my order was in good hands.  You would provide alternative solutions to meet my needs and get your team motivated to fill our positions very quickly.You know how to balance the recruitment mission from a client perspective while delivering far beyond a customer’s expectations.  You would provide advice and hiring recommendations that were fair and equitable practices for you, our company and the candidate.You have an ear to the ground approach that enables you to understand the intricacies of your client’s business and that of the talent you represent.  You have a pulse on the recruitment trends, which you would share openly.  You have such well-developed interpersonal communication skills that enabled you to deal with situations that required eliciting or sustaining cooperation and participation between a wide range of Managers and candidates.You are adaptable to new processes and would maintain flexibility and adapt as needed.  You were always very consistent with your approach to submitting the candidates, facilitating the interviews, providing the references/criminal checks.  I could always rely on you to ensure that the due diligence was completed.  You would also ensure that any issues/concerns were addressed quickly and logically.You also collected feedback data to track his performance, such as: the competitor’s price, the number of submissions made by other agencies, cycle times, etc.  You would use this data to better control, understand & improve our relationship.  You are a top caliber Account Manager.” – Resource Manager, Global Systems Integrator

  2. “You are always the first person I call when i am looking for a candidate because i know you will always deliver. In my world the short term is measured in minutes and hours not days, therefore when I need a candidate I need them to start the next day not next month. You always take my call and get me what I need, when I need it and in today’s fast-paced telecom environment, that is the differentiating factor.” – Director, Major Canadian Telecommunications Company

  3. “I wanted to provide you with some feedback on our relationship and your excellent service during my tenure at my company. In our time of need when our resources were stretched to the max, you were always there to assist in providing additional resources to meet our needs. The individuals you provided were always high caliber professionals that met our requirements. I know you have an excellent recruiting team behind you but what made the difference was your understanding of our requirements and only sending those candidates that met our need. Thank you so much for your excellent service, attention to detail and, ultimately, our complete satisfaction. I highly recommend you to any organization that experiences peaks in their demand for resources and I look forward to our continued relationship.” – Vice President, Global Systems Integrator

  4. “I have had the pleasure of working with you in filling various positions within my department in the past few years. I recall the position that you helped recruit a month ago that was very challenging in terms of the skill set requirements. You were able to narrow down the candidates and bring us the right individual in a timely manner. You understand the market conditions well and provide valuable insight and input to bring in the right talent within time and budget constraints. I am very pleased with the quality of talent that you have provided and will continue to utilize your services. Given the success I have enjoyed with you, I will not hesitate to recommend you as a preferred recruiter. ” – Manager Business Intelligence, Academy Award Winning Billion Dollar Company

  5. “My dealings with you have spanned a 10 year period. During this time I have sought your support to fulfill many roles varying from Business Analysts to Developers and Testers, as well as technical experts required to supplement Infrastructure initiatives within the Financial and Retail sectors. My experience has always been that you take the time necessary to clearly understand upfront what my specific resource needs are, together with any constraints that may be limiting factors in the recruitment process. This in turn has enabled you to promptly provide extremely suitable candidates for my initiatives, which have ranged in size from medium to large. They have frequently been enterprise wide, complex in nature and aggressive with respect to delivery timelines. These types of initiatives often require individuals of high caliber and that is what I have always obtained when working via you. I believe your broad knowledge of Information Technology, coupled with your understanding of business and experience in your chosen career, position you extremely well to provide the level of service that you deliver repeatedly.My experience with many other recruiters has been far from satisfactory, often finding they are more interested in clinching the sale as opposed to finding a good fit. Your work ethic of providing only suitable and talented candidates has resulted in savings associated with not only my time that is necessary to support the recruitment process, but also the tens of thousands of dollars that are saved by the provision and placement of suitable resources that do not subsequently need to be released and replaced due to their inability to perform as required. I can honestly say that you have never misplaced a resource with me, and your sincerity has led me to always give you preference and priority over other recruiters for any positions that I may require to be filled.” – Program Manager, Major Canadian Grocery Chain

  6. “I have been working with you to bring talented and dedicated individuals to my team for a little over 3 months.  Your professionalism and attention to detail has made the process very easy for me. This is very important to me since my busy schedule would normally not allow me to spend the time required to do this. I look forward to continue working with you in the future.” – Manager, Major Canadian Telecommunications Company

  7. “I have had the pleasure of working with you for quite some time now. I have found you to be a very personable character who always wears a smile. You are a hard working guy who has come through for us when we needed you … even under next-to-impossible deadlines, which almost always seems to be the case for us. Despite that, I always feel I am being treated fairly and with respect. I look forward to continuing our relationship.” – Sr Manager, Global Systems Integrator

  8. “Recruiting through you made things simple for our busy business.  You were able to deliver a high quality candidate on short order and was very flexible to our changing requirements.  In one particular case, we had a sudden employee departure and required an experienced person urgently.  You knew our ideal candidate was working for your company on another engagement and took the initiative to contact the other client to arrange a mutually satisfactory quick transition…this was a huge help to our firm.  I would have no hesitation in recommending you” – VP, Business Initiatives, Major Canadian Financial Institution

  9. “You are the best Account Manager I’ve worked with in 12 years of dealing with recruiting agencies. You are detailed-oriented, conscientious about following up with candidates, thoughtful about client needs, and set realistic expectations with both candidates and company clients. You delivered quickly and professionally on multiple placements for me in a variety of specialized IT areas. On top of that, you are fun to work with! Highly recommended.” – Senior Recruiter, Major Canadian Telecommunications Company

  10. “You are an experienced professional who knows the market, understands the client requirements, know the technology, and have skills to build long-lasting relationships. You are very effective. It was a pleasure working with you.” – Senior Manager, Major Canadian Telecommunications Company

  11. “I have worked with you for over 10 years and you have placed me on 3 different long-term contract assignments. I have no hesitation in recommending you as a recruitment consultant.” – Network Consultant placed in Systems Integrator

  12. “You are a professional with deep industry knowledge required in order to find the best fit for your organization. I would highly recommend your services to any organization.” – Sr Business Analyst placed in Wealth Management

  13. “You provide great client service as you make sure recommended recruits suit skill sets requested. You follow up to ensure recruit is the right fit and throughout contract about person’s personality and if any issues. You understand our business and that is of great value to me and to the firm.” – Senior Manager, Major Investment Firm

  14. “You are a very pleasant and helpful person who always maintain good relations with the client as well as the contractor/employee you have placed.” – Mainframe Programmer placed in Telco firm

  15. “You quickly understand supplemental professional staffing requirements and deliver the right people at the right time. You are responsive and professional at all times. You are able to provide an excellent value proposition through effective and timely delivery of top quality resources by quickly understanding the requirements. Your ability to follow up to ensure results are achieved providing a QA function often omitted by other staffing specialists. I highly recommend you as a top professional with your clients’ interests at heart.” – Vice President, Systems Integrator

  16. “You have always been able to provide resources when we needed them. You provided insight on the current demand for specific types of resources. You have always been able to find the resources within a timely manner. It has been a pleasure working with you” – Senior Manager, Business Intelligence, Major Telecommunications Company

  17. “I have worked with you for a number of years. You provided great resources to my team, and you clearly understood customer’s needs and how to bring value to the organization. I recommend you for your services, knowledge and expertise in providing IT resources.” – Director, Infrastructure – Major Telecommunications Company

  18. “Its been a pleasure working with you over the years. I first worked with you through your firm on investigating a staff on/off-boarding application. In my dealings with you, you have always placed the needs of your client first. A highly professional and attentive individual who I would not hestitate to work with again.” – Senior Manager, Major Canadian Chartered Bank

  19. “You gained a strong reputation for providing the candidates with the best fit. Your strong attention to detail and consistency fostered a business relationship that provided results time and time again. It was a pleasure working with you.” – Manager, Systems – Major Telecommunications Company

  20. “You are one of the best Account Managers I have worked with. You understand the culture of the organization in order to provide the right candidate for the right job. Each time I have hired staff I have not had to interview more than 3 candidates, a true professional who knows exactly what his client is looking for. I will definitely use his service again.” – Director IT – Major Telecommunications Company

  21. “You looked after my contract placements and renewals for over 10 years. By working with you I have no recession and nothing to worry about, but enable me to focus on work and provide best services to my clients. You have a great reputation for clients and contractors, and are a pleasant person with very positive attitude. I highly recommend you to any client and contractor.” Senior Developer placed in Telco

  22. “You are the consummate professional and pleasure to work with. You are able to find good candidates and help to ensure that a ‘win win’ is achieved by all parties. You understand our business and our contract needs and works tirelessly to meet them.” – Director, Major Canadian Telecommunications Company

  23. “You have been effective in providing the suitable resources when we needed them. You followed up regularly on our resourcing needs and kept us informed of the current market demand for resources in the same field. I enjoyed working with you.” – QA Manager, Major Telecommunications Company

  24. “I’ve worked with you to fill many contract and permanent positions over a period of many years. You have been able to quickly come up with qualified candidates.” Development Manager, Major Telecommunications Company

  25. “I had the pleasure in working with you when being placed at my company. You were extremely diligent in addressing all of the deliverables, and professional, and always promptly returning all of my communications. It was an extreme pleasure dealing with you and will definitely refer to you for future opportunities.” Technical Team Lead placed in Entertainment Company

  26. “I used you as a recruiter for many years. You were always very attentive to our specific requirements, and always went the extra mile to find the right person. The quality of the candidates found was always very high. You were very professional and great at your job.” Manager, Development, Major Telecommunications Company

  27. “I had the opportunity to work with you for over 13 years. For most of that time you reported to me directly. From the very beginning you proved to be an exceptional business developer. Your tenacity, drive, customer first attitude and relentless desire to provide great service and results drove you to great success and quickly elevated you to the top rankings of sales achievement within our company. Your style and performance also garnered the cooperation and assistance of peers and superiors. This was of paramount importance within the symbiotic environment that you worked within. Ultimately your greatest strength is the high standard that you hold yourself and your work to.” President, Canada’s Largest IT Staffing Firm

  28. “You are my go-to guy when it comes to filling vacancies in my department. You listen carefully to the requirements, are creative with solutions, and deliver only quality people.” – Senior Manager, Major Telecommunications Company

  29. “I had just been moved into a first time management position and was tasked with bringing in 10 new IT staff members within 30 days to provide support staff to some of our most important (and demanding) client. I had 30 days to determine client needs; technical skills required; interview & hire staff. I approached you to provide likely candidates. You immediately assured me you would find suitable contract staff in the time alloted. You were willing to adjust your normal business process to accomodate some specialized requests I had to make. You made me feel confident in your ability to meet our companies needs; you helped us out every step of the way; provided facilities and services above and beyond what I would expect and (most importantly) came through with quality candidates to meet our needs. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a recruitment specialist who’s willing to go the extra mile and make sure you get quality candidates who match your specific technical needs.” Manager, Major Systems Integrator

  30. “During my tenure with the Application Services group, the Canadian outsourcing arm of our company, I had the opportunity to work with you to staff short time resources to back fill for our regular staff working on projects. You were very helpful in accommodating our needs and were able to come up with qualified resources in short order. You also kept me informed on the contract / resourcing market. I enjoyed working with you and would recommend you to others looking for a dedicated recruitment specialist.” Vice President, Major Systems Integrator

  31. “We found comfort dealing with you whenever we needed a professional to work for us. You were able to find the right person within a very short time. All of your recommended candidates that we hired worked very professionally and exceeded our expectations. You are dependable and understood our needs. I will highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for good IT professionals.” Manager, Major Telecommunications Company

  32. “I have worked with you in sourcing contract project managers and was more than satisfied with your consultative approach before and after the hire. You are strong at relationship management ensuring you keep abreast of company needs. I would not hesitate to recommend you as a business partner is sourcing project management resources.”Director, Major Financial Services Company.

  33.  I worked with you during and before my relocation to Canada. During the process you were very helpful, transparent, and detail oriented making it very smooth and easy for me.   You also showed to be a good negotiator and a partner in business. I would recommend you to any company looking for a professional with your skills and long experience in the Canadian and international recruiting markets.” – Marketing Director, Global Media Company

  34. You were a critical part of my team for almost 2 years. You are driven, tenacious, and able to successfully recruit a multitude of varying levels of reqs across a variety of functions.  You held staffing responsibility in both the Canadian market and across several markets in the Unites States.  You are strong in both technical and non tech recruiting.   You are the first to raise your hand to take on more when the business demands rise, often times juggling more than typically required. You are a great team player, willing to help anywhere it is needed, without complaint, and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.  You are always seeking feedback on your contributions and continuously looking for ways to grow professionally.  You are a great sourcer of talent and never hesitate to pick up the phone in pursuit of passive candidates.  Your results in hires consistently were at the very top of the charts, exceeding expected metrics quarter after quarter!  You have a wonderful sense of humor and are a joy to work with” – Director, Americas Recruiting, Global Leader in SAAS

  35. “You have a natural talent for recruiting and are one of the best I’ve worked with.  You have a knack for being able to read between the lines in a job description and know which candidates will be on target for the hiring managers needs. You are considerate and extremely helpful to fellow recruiters and are constantly receiving compliments from your client groups. You are stable and a person of integrity, and it’s a pleasure to work with you.” – Sr Recruiter, World’s Largest Technology Company

  36. “I had a great pleasure to work with you. You are all about achieving results, and are one of the most result-oriented senior recruitment partners I have worked with. In about one month you were able to close 18 open, hard to fill positions, ranging from junior consultants to senior managers.  You are very good in doing all the due dilligence required to understand and help define client requirements as well as in establishing and managing effective communication line with your clients.  You always act as a true recruitment business partner and I highly recommend you in that capacity for any company” – North America Services Leader, Global Leading Systems Integrator 

  37. “As a Senior Recruiter and Business Partner for the Professional Services group, You were very effective with providing high-quality candidates that met the expectations of the hiring team. Many people were hired, at varying levels and specialties, due to your hard work.  You are diligent and thorough. Based on your experience and personality, it was easy to communicate and work with you when explaining the requirements and throughout the interview/hiring process.  I would highly recommend you as a Senior Business Partner to any company, to allow you to significantly help improve the hiring process. It was a pleasure working together with you” – Service Business Executive, North America, Global Leading Systems Integrator

  38. “You gained an incredible reputation across the Professional Services teams; you are a key contributor to the success of their practices through your stellar execution and partnership from a recruitment point of view. As a senior Recruiter, your outgoing and easy personality has endeared you to your client groups, you have the exceptional combination of leadership skills and business acumen that makes you one of the strongest recruiters I have had the pleasure to work with. I know that any organization would benefit greatly by bringing you on board” – Recruiting Business Partner, Global Leading Systems Integrator

  39. ” You are a highly effective recruiter with a strong client focus, high level of knowledge with great communication skills, an excellent recruiter and an excellent person.” – Radio Frequency Planner, Global Technology Company

  40. I had the pleasure of working with you for 2 years.  You successfully helped me build my engineering team of 8 people. It was a large undertaking because it was a new department and I was hired to build the team and its processes to capacity plan all the applications in the cable network.  You pre-screened all my candidates and dedicated your time to find the right people to fit my team. Your dedication and communication skills definitely contributed to your achievements. I have known many HR recruitment specialists in my 20 years experience, and you stand out as an expert in your field who has sound judgment and achieved my utmost trust while recommending candidates” – Manager, Video Apps & Application Platforms, Major Canadian Telecommunications Company

  41. “You are a very professional and well networked recruiter.  You have a comfortable and easy to work with style, combined with the ability to quickly get to the point and follow through.  You come highly recommended.” – CIO

  42. “You are the most hard working, fast and focused recruiter/sales oriented individual that I’ve ever seen, you are to the point, never wastes time, and always delivers. It was my luck to get to know you and work with you.  You are the most valuable recruiter I have ever seen. I definitely recommend you for any role that needs a Do-er, you are the right guy with the right attitude and you can deliver on time with exceptional quality.” – Product Manager, Major Canadian Telecommunications Company